Moments + Memories = Favorites of 2012 Post 1

Big dreams, little details, ordinary day, and extraordinary moments make up life’s favorite most cherished memories.

2013 is in full swing.  I am lagging a bit behind in looking back over 2012 and forward planning for 2013.  It’s better late than never.  While 2012 was mostly focused on our adoption of our baby boy Jamis, we did have plenty of other things going on throughout the year.  Looking back, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorites to help me remember loud and clear the fun times we so quickly forget when moving on to the next task at hand.

 Favorite moments of 2012:
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is my most favorite place.  It’s a comfort and sentimental oasis.  Simple, relaxed and not over rated. I love the ocean, the sun, the mountains, and the company that goes along with our beach trips.  With our 2012 vacation I got to return to my beloved Myrtle Beach.  It was a family affair.  We brought along my sister and her family, one of my brothers and his wife, my parents, and my aunt and uncle.   As an extra treat some childhood friends/family got to join us for a quick visit.  We started off the pre-celebration with a photo post countdown between all of us going.  Every day we each would post an image via twitter, or text for the countdown to the beach.  There is nothing like the anticipation building up to a much needed and looked to vacation.  We usually all bunk together in a large beach house or condo and 2012 was no exception.  We had a 6 room beach house with a hop skip and a run from the beach.  We went in late June and the water was wonderful.  The waves were active, the water warm, and the skies clear all week.





Before my husband and I met he was a big road biker.  He participated in  the Hilly Hundred, Ride Across Indiana, Hoosier Hills, Parke County Covered Bridge Ride, and Hope Century.  After getting married we started mountain biking together, trail riding across the city and state.  Unfortunately life has a way of getting busy and crowding out things we used to have time for.  Last year we decided that we both needed to start focusing a little more on our health and fitness.  I hate the gym.  It’s stuffy, smelly, competitive, and usually crowded.  I wanted something that didn’t feel like forced exercise.  We agreed we should find exercise we could do together.  We decided to start road biking again.  We purchased bikes and started riding on the weekend and a few nights a week.  I hate the winter and having a newborn put a little bit of a halt to our riding.  Sleep always seemed to win out when we had spare time.  Our little man is already 5 months old.  While he still has a while to go before he can join us on our rides, sleep deprivation is no longer constant and our routine has finally settled somewhat for us to start adding activities back into our schedule. I am very much looking forward to riding come spring.  Outdoor activities have always been a part of who we are as a couple and we want Jamis to enjoy being outdoors too.  My husband being a proud daddy and a big cycling fan already has him a bike picked out .  He has a ways to grow first, but I have no doubt as soon as his legs can reach the ground from his bike he will be riding.  He is already prepared with an awesome helmet gifted to him at birth.

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2012 marked our 14th wedding anniversary. I take great pride in celebrating our marriage.  It’s not very often anymore you hear of ones staying married very long.  I can think of only a few of my friends who are still married.  I am grateful everyday for getting to wake up next to my best friend and spend my life with him everyday.  We usually exchange smaller gifts every year but this year was an exception due to the adoption of our son.  We both agreed that he was all the gift we needed and truthfully all we could afford.  Without a doubt Jamis was one of the best anniversary gifts I could ever ask for.  It’s going to be really hard to top Jamis for next year’s milestone, big 15th, anniversary.  Year 14 was pretty special. Thank you to my wonderful hubby for loving me everyday and making me so happy.  I love you!

2012 took me back to where it all started, were I entered the world Nicole Olean Parris. We made a visit to see my grandparents in my birth place of Joplin, MO.   A few years ago my grandparents decided to move back to Joplin from Indianapolis.  My grandparents have always had a special place in my heart and I was extremely sad to see them move away.  Life has a funny way of preventing the things you want to do from happening and I wasn’t sure if I would ever get out to visit them.  I had not been to Joplin since I was three.  Joplin holds a distant spot in life that hides away life altering circumstances.  I left Joplin at the age of three to go live with my aunt and uncle.  They became my parents.  I was adopted by them and truly look at them as Mom and Dad.  They are my life and I have a great life because of them.  I am ever grateful, proud and defined to have them as parents.  I love them to the moon and back. I never thought I would ever end up back in Joplin.   In 2012 Clint and I decided to take a quick visit to see them.  We drove the 8hr trip visited for the day and left the same evening to head home.  It was not a long enough visit but a visit none the less.   We spent breakfast, lunch and dinner together before I had to say my tearful goodbyes.  I cried like a baby when it was time to leave.    I enjoyed our visit tremendously. I miss them greatly and hope soon to make a visit for them to meet Jamis for the first time.  Hoping they and he will get to have that moment before it’s too late.  That 2012 visit to Joplin was meaningful and dear to my heart.






While there are many moments to relive looking back on 2012 there are three more moments that stick strongly in my mind. I will share those memories in Post 2 of Moments + Memories = Favorites of 2012. Stay tuned for tomorrows post Part 2.


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