Moment + Memories = Favorites of 2012 Part 2

Part 2 of Moment + Memories = Favorites of 2012

Our Favorites of 2012 couldn’t fit in just one post. We continue through with our last few moments and memories of 2012.

As many know and have read on and my Facebook page, razberri Photography, I had the most wonderful gift of becoming a mom through adoption. While all adoptions are special I look at mine with great fondness .  It’s my happily ever after the was not planned to happen.  I say that because through fertility issues, pregnancy losses, and considering adoption in times past having a family seemed impossible.  We met with every obstacle along the way.  Unsuccessful, expensive fertility treatments, multiple losses and financial hardships that made adopting in the traditional since out of the question.  Yet life has a funny way of turning the ugly side of circumstances into beautiful stories.   That is just what happen.  We were approached in the spring unexpectedly by an expectant mom to adopt her unborn baby.  While this was a great surprise and wonderful privilege, panic set in trying to figure out how we would be able to afford the adoption process.  After all considering adoption in times past revealed how expensive and exhaustive the process could be.  With this coming out of the blue we had not had time to prepare.  To add panic to the process our expectant mom ended up being 26 weeks along, not the 14 weeks she thought.  Every emotion imaginable became a roller coaster ride on a daily basis.  We financially were not in the position to spend the usual, and  not exaggerated, $30,000.00 plus sum private adoptions usually are.  How were we going to be able to say yes to this wonderful opportunity?  I am happy to say we were able to say yes.  With much faith, praying, hope, and miracle circumstances everything amazingly fell into place.  Having three months from the time we were approached to the expected arrival of our soon to be baby boy didn’t give much time for financial planning or any other type of planning for that matter.  We managed to scrape together with much juggling the amount we needed to start the adoption process for legal fees and our home study process required by the state.  By miracle, because our birth mom came to us, it made the process much more financially feasible.  Yet we still were in a panic as to how we were going to pay all the necessary fees associated with the adoption process.  Credit was not really an option because the legal fees and home study needed to be paid in cash.  Eek! more panic.  Amazingly we were able to maneuver our bills and obligations around to make this happen.  Yet one week before Jamis was to arrive we still were thousands of dollars short of needing to finish paying for the necessary adoption procedures.   By now, if your still reading, you must be thinking how on earth did this make your favorites list.  It’s on my favorites list  because of the amazing outcome.   We had already considered if need be we would sell our cars to come up with the adoption money.  That didn’t prove necessary and by the week before Jamis birth it was to late to sell our cars for the remaining amount.  We talked about selling my wedding ring and a few other things to make it necessary to meet our needs.  Yet, by miracle, we did not have to do that.  A day to the week exactly from Jamis scheduled arrival by C-section we get the most surreal telephone call.  A very special woman by the name of Sandy Burnette heard of our adoption story.  Adoption holds a special place in Sandy’s heart because her four children are adopted. Her story is one of courage, sadness and amazing strength and generosity.  I encourage you to  read about her story and to pass it along to help the cause for adoption families.  You can ready about Sandy, her story and her amazing charity at  The Jeremiah 29:11 project is on my favorites of 2012 because they helped bring Jamis home.  When Sandy heard our story she graciously sped up the launch of the Jeremiah 29:11 Project to allow for us to become the first grant recipients for adoption.  With one phone call we were assured that the remainder of our adoption expense would not be an issue.  We had been provided a grant through the Jeremiah 29:11 project that would cover the rest of Jamis adoption expense.  Jehovah God supplies to those in need and without a doubt I truly believed he brought Sandy into our lives.  The Jeremiah 29:11 Project is a wonderful charity for those starting the adoption process and need financial assistance and support. She also surprised us with an additional gift.  The partner she has helping her with the Jeremiah 29:11 Project is a fellow professional photographer.  Michelle Tiek Photography who graciously and generously provided newborn images of Jamis as part of our grant announcement.  Without the help of all our wonderful family stepping into help with all the preparations of our adoption and The Jeremiah 29:11 Project, we would have not been able to call Jamis ours.  I am forever grateful for the amazing people I can call family the loving support, guidance, encouragement and strength they provided to Clint and I during our adoption process.  I love all of you, Jamis is so fortunate to have such a loving family to call his.




Last, but not least, is photography related.  As a photographer I am always looking to improve my talent and knowledge of photography.  I aim to provide my clients the best I have in creative talent. One of the ways I do this is through education workshops provided for professional photographers.  Last year I hoped to attend a workshop to help develop a better eye and knowledge of newborn photography.  I inquired with a professional photographer about attending one of her workshops in 2012.  Education workshops are an investment.  Unfortunately when learning of our adoption I knew I would not be able to afford attending the workshop.  I also knew that because of being a professional photographer myself, newborn images of our soon to be baby boy were going to be top priority to document his arrival in all it’s baby goodness.  I inquired with her about a mentorship instead of a workshop using my son as the mentorship subject.  I am normally not that bold of a person.  Doing a mentorship would provided me the ability to pay for her services and still get images of my soon to be son, something that didn’t seem likely considering we were scraping together funds for his adoption.  The extras for photographs just wasn’t going to be available.  This request was made well in advance to hearing about the grant for us.  To my surprise I received a very nice email back offering to extend to us a gifted session for Jamis’ adoption.  I was floored I would be the recipient of such a great gift from such a talented photographer.  I never win anything.  I am just an ordinary girl.  Yet 2012 proved to be anything other than ordinary.  I met some very wonderful people through a very extraordinary gift.  I was thrilled to be able to have such great images of Jamis from a last minute session with Michelle Tiek through the Jeremiah 29:11 Project.  It was an extra special gift having the talented Rachel Vanoven photograph my long awaited induction into motherhood.  She provided us a great session and wonderful images.  A huge thank you to Rachel for being so generous.  While I am just an ordinary girl, assuredly unable to leave an impressionable memory with Rachel amongst all the amazing people she gets to photograph and mentor she left an impressionable memory with me.  I will always look at Jamis newborn pictures with pride because he is mine but also with a gratefulness for her willingness to document my becoming a mother and the joy of having Jamis in my arms.
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As we look toward new hopes and dreams in 2013, 2012 was an extraordinary year, full of great surprises, reassurance of hope and faith, love from family to an extraordinary degree and fantastic memories I will carry with me the rest of my life.  I look to 2013 with great excitement watching Jamis grow into a little person. I am  Excited to celebrate our first year as a family of three, my 15th year with my wonderful husband, celebrating my grandparents 60th anniversary, and hopefully introducing Jamis to his second set of Great Grandparents in Joplin. I will look to 2013 with brighter eyes, bigger heart and broader perspective for what is yet to come. I can not wait to document my favorites for 2013!

As you look to 2013, making plans for the year ahead, take time to enjoy the moments your in.  Appreciate the little things life provides so when you experience the extraordinary things 2013 is sure to bring you will know how special those moments are and how special they will prove to be as they become your memories. Most of all don’t forget to document the special moments in life through professional photography or with snapshots.  Those images allow you to share your favorite moments for years to come.

I look forward to meeting all my wonderful upcoming clients for 2013 and can’t wait to start documenting my favorites for the upcoming year.


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