Mindless Monday – The randomness of a dog photographer

I am more than just a dog photographer, my cell phone pictures are proof!  I rarely share personal stuff on the web, social media or in person.  Sometimes I come across stuff I just have to share because I find it funny. I am easily distracted, random and full of ideas. Put all those together and you get “Pretty Shiny”,the nickname my husband calls me because my brain can change track in the blink of an eye and off I go as if my eye caught site of something pretty shiny.  A whole post all in itself for another time. What does this have to do with Mindless Monday?  The randomness of my brain can be both aggravating, enlightening and down right funny.  In comes the cell phone pictures.   Over the weekend I was going through older folders of pictures sorting and cleaning out my digital storage.  I use my cell phone a lot for taking photos as well as documenting ideas, notes, and inspiration.  As I was scrolling through the images I found myself laughing at the random things I took pictures of.  Some of them I remember why and some of them not so sure and some of them are just downright funny and ridiculous.  Lets have some mindless Monday fun. #randomness, #mindlessmonday,#photosmycellphonetakes,

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