Life of Leo Designs, A great local design studio.

Design can be exciting, invigorating, overwhelming or downright intimidating. I love all things design and have an over abundance of ideas. I am not tech minded and have a hard time bringing my ideas online with the world of web.  As a small business it helps to find talent to walk along side you in your business journey. It also helps anytime your name, brand and work are linked for local business to find your services. I hope I will be able to bring spotlight to local small business,talent and great web finds that make life exciting, invigorating and not so overwhelming.

I am happy to share my first shout out to a local Indiana Graphic Designer, Elisabeth from Life Of Leo Designs. Branding, Print,Web and Surface designs. Life Of Leo provides a spectrum of design services to bing your vision to life.  Life Of Leo Designs focuses on design for small business and the pet industry. Elisabeth is the principle designer at Life Of Leo and can help with all your design needs large or small, print and web based for your next big idea. I personally have worked on multiple projects with Elisabeth for photography design, website launch and charity work. We think Life Of Leo Designs deserves a big shout out for local design services. She has made my world of web not so overwhelming and brought great design and life to my projects. Visit, meet Elisabeth,say hello and get inspired for your next project.


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