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I have always loved writing ,poetry and beautiful words. I used to write.  I was involved in a creative writing class, literary magazine, and a few poetry contest.  To my surprise I even made honorable mention in a poetry contest through the University of Indianapolis and my high school creative writing class.  I have not written much since high school.  Sad to say that has been some time ago.   Words are powerful.  They portray, create, and evoke emotion.  Words can  be used as tools or even weapons.  Words voiced can provide comfort and kindness, contempt and regret.  Words help us judge situations, personalities, realities and guide us to future conversations and relationships.  I don’t write much anymore mostly due to my inability to spell and the fact that auto correct is not my friend.  I seem to easily attract language bullies and pedants.  Truthfully it’s taken the joy out of sharing and writing.  I still love to read poetry, quotes and inspirational words and enjoy seeing the writings of others.  I thought It would be fun to weekly share the beauty of creative minds. Quotes, Poetry, short stories, and beautiful  words.  Inspirational Word Photography.

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Love of Writing

Be featured and share your work with our beauty of words blog post.  Inspirational Word Photography – Indianapolis Photographer would love to share your talents with our readers. Inspirations comes from many perspectives, share yours.  Email me at with Inspirational Word Photography as the subject field.  Attach your written work and a small reason why you would like to be featured.  We will Feature your work with a Inspirational Photograph.  We will notify you when we are going to feature you so you can see your word beauty shared in all it’s glory.

Want to know what a language bully or pedant is?  Better yet want to know if you are one?  Visit the two blog links below.  Great blog post I came across about word bullies, pedants and grammar police.

I look forward to reading and sharing word beauty with all those who enjoy quotes, poetry and beautiful words.


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