2012 Image Favorites

Every year I  look back through all my sessions.  I look to see the variety that we had, the props,drops and style we choose for our sessions, the things we loved about our set-ups or the things we might do different for the year to come. This helps me to get a perspective on what we want to change, keep, add, and focus on for the upcoming portrait season.  It also helps me to see what we really made use of and what the studio could let go of to make room for new variety and style.

This year was no different and I hope to bring a lot of changes to razberri photography this coming year.  I have tons of ideas, carrying them out is another story and another post :).  I compiled a set of images from 2012 that made our favorites list. 🙂  Our portrait season last year was not as long as in years past as we stopped taking sessions in July of 2012 to focus on our adoption.  I am anxious to get our portrait season back in full swing.  My creative side is itching for spring. I am impatiently waiting to use all the great ideas I have for our image sessions this year.  Oh how I ache for warm weather!

Book your session now to become part of our favorites for 2013.  Who knows we might even decided to get creative and produce a calendar for 2014.   A calendar full  of our favorite 2013  images.  Maybe you and your special little, pets, family, or child could be famous for a month ;).  Until then enjoy a peak from 2012. While we can’t share all our sessions we have a few sessions for you to enjoy during quick coffee break. Favorites of 2012.


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